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Seafood Literacy Hero Text

Course Introduction

How to use the Rouxbe platform

Self-paced Learning

Easy to use

Validation of learning

Why Sustainable Seafood Matters

Aquaculture methods

Fishing methods

Seafood production methods and sustainable practices

Sustainable Seafood in the kitchen

Seafood in nutrition

Understanding Seafood Categories

Flaky white fish

Fillet fish

Orange-fleshed fish

Steak fish

Meaty dense fish

Small silver fish

Shrimp, lobster, and crab


Canned seafood products

Seafood Handling and Fabrication

Equipment and tools

Quality Assessment

Scaling and eviscerating fish

Fabricating flat fish and round fish

Opening various types of bivalves

Shelling shrimp and lobster

Seafood Cooking Techniques

Brining and Seasoning

Crudo and ceviche

Steaming and en papillote

Shallow and deep poaching



Broiling and grilling

Roasting and pan-roasting



Resource Library

Books, Websites & Other References

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Students earn 15 CEHs from the ACF upon successful completion of this course.

Seafood Literacy is recognized by the American Culinary Federation Education Foundation as a Quality Program.