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Simple, Sustainable, Delicious Grilling

This second cookbook from Barton Seaver—following For Cod and Country—sends the rising authority on sustainable foods to the sweet, smoky grill, where he showcases his love of fresh, organic produce, fish, beef, and poultry. Emphasizing seasonal vegetables and accompaniments as much as the protein, Seaver serves up recipes designed to celebrate the spirit of togetherness—including Wood-Grilled Snap Peas with Smoky Aioli, Grilled Pacific Halibut with Pistachio Butter, Peruvian Chicken, Chimichurri Marinated Short Ribs, and Pickled Smoked Peaches. In addition to mouthwatering dishes, Seaver gives the nitty-gritty on fueling your fire; preparation and cooking; recipes for sauces, spice mixes, and marinades; and ways to eat smartly and healthily.

"In a world where bigger seems better, Barton reminds us of how simplicity, in both grilling tools and food preparation makes a larger and lasting impression. Whether you're new to the game, the weekend-warrior grill cook, or seasoned from years of experience, this cookbook ins a must. Barton shows us that a charcoal grill is all you need, from beverages to condiments and everything else in between."

- CARLA HALL, Executive Chef and Owner of Alchemy by Carla Hall

"Wood cooking is a lost art. Barton found inspiration in fire, smoke and wood to pack flavor into these recipes. He's a purist, as master of the flame, and protector of sustainable foods form the land and sea.

- MIKE ISABELLA, Chef/Owner Graffiato, Kapnos and G Sandwich Shop

"If you're going to turn to a grilling book, here's one seasoned not only with valuable knowledge, but also the spirit of good intent. Barton does an amazing job helping the reader understand that heat is much more than a 'uni-tool,' and that cooking for others should be understood as deeply nourishing."

- MICHEL NISCHAN, Chef and Sustainable Food Advocate

"Where There's Smoke, by my friend and protégé Barton Seaver, is like a celebration of our connection to the earth. It's an invitation to a home-cooked meal on the grill shared with family and friends. More importantly, knowing Barton's passion to see food differently, I believe that this book can help us to understand food better and cook in a more sustainable way."

- JOSÉ ANDRÉS, Chef/Owner of ThinkFoodGroup

"Clever, strategic, and rooted in the lessons learned at his papa's knee—Barton's new 'sustainable grilling' treatise applies the same responsible practices to the barbeque as he has to the consumption of our oceans' edible bounty. His recipes are both inventive and delicious-sounding roadmaps for meals-on-the-grill, including the all-important protein partners vegetables, desserts, and cocktails too."

- LUCINDA SCALA QUINN, Author of Mad hungry: Feeding Men and Boys

"Seaver hopes to reeducate the casual grillmaster to think beyond commonplace brats and emphasize vegetable offerings. Writing thoughtfully on proper seasoning and searing techniques, he advocates sustainable animal husbandry. He also contributes some original insights on pairing wines with grilled foods."


"Chef and sustainability advocate Seaver (For Cod and Country) adds to the growing body of artful grilling cookbooks aimed at readers who begin their barbecues with cocktails and appetizers. VERDICT —Seaver's flavorful take on grilling will please high-end backyard barbeque enthusiasts"