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Delicious, Sustainable Seafood

Barton Seaver's second, seminal book on seafood cookery, after For Cod and Country (Sterling Epicure, 2011), offers more than 150 new mouthwatering recipes, including entrees, salads, appetizers, soups, pastas, stews, sides, and sauces. Try his Smoked Lobster and Fennel-Carrot Salad or Poached Salmon with Pickled Chilies and Mint and you'll understand what all the fuss is about. Each of Seaver's fresh-tasting, casual (and always delicious) recipes features seafood that hasn't been overfished or caught in an environmentally destructive way. This emphasis has made Seaver, already an acclaimed chef and restaurateur, one of the most important voices of the sustainability movement. The book is full of helpful advice on buying, choosing, and making the most of your ingredients, as well as an essential guide to seafood prep and cooking techniques--a must for all seafood lovers.

“Barton Seaver is both a sensational chef and a true leader in the growing movement to think differently about the way we consume seafood. If you can’t get him to cook a meal for you in person, learning how he does it is the next best thing.”

- JOHN FAHEY, Chairman and CEO, National Geographic Society

“Barton Seaver is a man with a mission to make us value what we take from the sea at a time of crisis for marine resources. He also cooks superbly. So you can be sure his first cookbook is not only a mouth-watering read, but also takes an inspiring approach to sustainability, one of the great issues of our time. That makes it an important book and one that deserves to be read by everyone who truly loves seafood.”

- CHARLES CLOVER, Author of The End of the Line

“Barton Seaver is one of the best friends that fish ever had. The fact that he cooks them so well, as seen in these pages, should not turn any self-respecting fish against him.”

- PETER KAMINSKY, author of Pig Perfect and The Moon Pulled Up An Acre of Bass

"Barton’s writing style is casual, personal, celebratory and inviting, yet he has included tons of essential content about sustainable fish choices, ingredient primers and cooking techniques. I read it cover to cover the day it arrived."

- MYRA GOODMAN, author of Food to Live By: The Earthbound Farm Organic Cookbook