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Heritage, Culture & Cookery from Sea to Shining Sea

Barton Seaver, renowned author and chef, is proud to introduce his latest work. A book for foodies, anglers, cooks, and history buffs, American Seafood is the essential guide to more than 500 species, as well as a riveting history of one of our country’s most iconic industries.

At the heart of the narrative are exhaustively researched, vividly detailed culinary and anthropological sketches that provide a master class in all of the dynamic ingredients the sea has to offer. Through essays, masterfully written in Seaver’s elegant and authoritative prose, and thoughtfully curated artwork, this 528-page book supplies a refreshing, fascinating, and timely social history of our maritime nation, one built upon the bounty of America’s oceans and fueled by the dreams of generations of immigrants.

Though the species in our waters have remained mostly constant, preservation methods, innovations in transport and cold storage, population growth, and the inclusion of immigrant cultures into our society have transformed the culinary narrative of seafood in America. Through the years, traditional preparations such as smoking and salting have given way to new traditions based on fresh fish and greater access to diversity of species. Seaver documents these changes in great detail, demonstrating how shifts in consumer demand are both drivers and the results of influences of an era.

Informed by a career that has focused on cooking and writing about seafood, his experiences living in communities where fishing traditions span generations, and listening to old salts spinning yarns in barrooms, Seaver brings the story of America’s fishermen to life in these pages, and proudly celebrates the people, products, and places that have captivated him since childhood.

“A comprehensive and inspirational exploration of lesser known species [that] rekindles an awareness of the people, places, and histories of our oceans.”

- ERIC RIPERT, Chef & Co-Owner of Le Bernardin

“[A] relentlessly fascinating work [with] rich vignettes about America’s diverse fishing culture.”

- HANK SHAW, 2013 James Beard Award winner, Best Food Blog

“[American Seafood] beautifully navigates the complex historical relationship between our nation and the sea.”

- TOM COLICCHIO, Chef/Owner Crafted Hospitality

“This is a book that anyone who cooks seafood...should have this one your shelves. This guy is so brilliant that all of the information that he has amassed is all of the information that you would need to be a good seafood cook. I am so excited about this book, it’s one of the best books to come out in the United States in years.”

- CHEF RICK BAYLESS, on The Feed Podcast

American Seafood gives you a complete retrospective of why [care of our oceans] is so important for our past, our present, and our future.”

- JOSÉ ANDRÉS, Chef/Owner, minibar by José Andrés and ThinkFoodGroup